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Our Glassless Rolling Dance Studio Mirrors offer a safe alternative to traditional glass mirrors, all with better image quality, sharpness, and clarity. We offer our these glassless mirrors with wheels in a wide range Any Size can be made

current size is 1000 x 1800


They make ideal rolling mirrors ( mirrors on wheels) for home use, schools, dance studios, theaters, and other facilities.

These non-glass mirrors use a heat-sensitive polyester film, often referred to as Mylar®, with a highly reflective surface. The reflective film is then heat-shrunk around a rigid aluminum frame to create a perfectly flat reflective surface. This process makes safe, lightweight mirrors with excellent image quality and without distortion often found with large glass mirrors and acrylic mirrors.

Glassless Mirrors are not for abusive settings. They can still be torn, scratched, or dented. Dents can often be removed with a heat gun. Heat gun repair instructions are available upon request. However, they are incredibly lightweight for ease of mobility and mounting on rolling stands and provide one of the highest image qualities available with mirrors today. We have found that most settings need a safe, easy-to-move, lightweight mirror with an incredible image reflection, plus no liability often associated with heavy glass mirrors or broken glass if an accident were to occur. This added safety is the core reason for their conception.

Due to the lightweight design, our glassless mirrors on wheels are extremely easy to maneuver. They can also "nest" for compact storage when not in use by slightly staggering the mirrors and rolling them up against each other front to back.

Glassless Portable Mirrors


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