Portable Mirrors Delivered Double Sided

Portable Mirrors Delivered Double Sided



Double Sided Portable Mirror


Portable Mirrors  are popular for clients who cannot have permanent wall mirrors.

Mirrors on wheels can be moved around in different locations, including

external usage.


These 6ft x 4ft mirrors are designed to fit through standard doorways,

have locking wheels to secure them in situ and are safety backed, making

them suitable for all ages. And a popular solution in schools, where space is premium.

These Mirrors are designed to stack together so minimal storage is required when not in use.


Our fantastic Portable Mirrors can convert any room into amulti-functional studio or professional training area.


Each mirror is height 193cm width 125cm x 61cm depth with the mirror in

the centre


All our mirrors are manufactured to the highest standard; they are built

to last in powder coated steel with the choice of a black or white finish.

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