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Mirrors for Training Ltd has long been established as a reputable manufacturer of the highest quality mirrored solutions for the fitness, dance, leisure, theatre, film, exhibition industries as well as being used for wedding dress stores and hair salons. There really is no limit to the uses of our portable mirrors.

Why Mirrors?

  •  Approximately 65 percent of the population are visual learners.

  •  90 percent of information that comes to the brain is visual.

  • Visual aids installed in the training area improve learning by up to 400 percent

At our purpose built warehouse in the Midlands we stock large quantities of mirrors, so we can offer the most competitive prices and keep up with the high demand for our services.  We have several teams and a fleet of delivery vehicles, ensuring that your order arrives on time, every time. We are proud of our reputation and commitment to quality as well as our high standard installations, as the preferred supplier to many large construction companies who rely on us to refurb fitness / leisure facilities nationwide. 

Whether you’re looking for home gym mirrors, leisure centre mirrors, dance studio or large exhibition, indoor our outdoor you can rest assured that we’ll have the right product for your needs.  



Our experienced installation team, are committed to quality and will quality assess every aspect of the manufacturing and fitting process. Installations are completed  our using our unique, polished aluminium system. This preferred system of installing safety mirrors, avoids using unsightly screw fixing, and adhering the mirrors (safety mirrors should always be mechanically installed, for optimum safety) all mirrors are safety backed to British Standards we only supply mirrors that protect against possible injury resulting from breakage.  

Our stylish system  this gives a sleek professional appearance to all our installations without compromising the ultimate crystal clarity reflection,  an added benefit is our system allows the mirrors to be easily removed, without damage to walls, if needed in the future.

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