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Delivery of Eight of our Portable Mirrors -

Price includes Delivery to mainland UK - (ireland deliveries also available ask for a quote for a price we ship worldwide ) you can also arrange your own shipping 


Transform any space into your own personal workout wonderland with our Portable Mirrors! These beauties aren't just for dance maniacs- they're the perfect gym buddy for any fitness activity you can think of! And, hey, if you're feeling adventurous, take them outside for some fresh air workouts!

Our mirrors are like chameleons, blending into any location. They're designed to fit through standard doorways, have locking wheels to keep 'em in place, and have safety backing to keep you worry-free. So, whether you're at school, a hotel, a leisure center, or gym, these mirrors are the answer to your workout prayers. Plus, they even double as room dividers- talk about a multitasker!
When it's time to pack up and head out, our mirrors stack together to save precious storage space.


These beauties come in at 195cm tall and 125cm wide, so you can get your sweat on without feeling cramped. 


Space Required to Stack Mirrors 

1 Mirror 125cm x 60cm

2 Mirrors 130cm x 67cm

3 Mirrors 135cm x 74cm

4 Mirrors  142cm x 77cm

5 Mirrors 147cm x 82cm


Portable mirrors have become increasingly popular for clients who are unable to install permanent wall mirrors due to various reasons, such as the presence of numerous windows or lease restrictions. They are a prevalent solution in schools, leisure centers, and other similar environments. They are often utilized to transform any classroom or available space into a professional training space or dance studio.

Each mirror is height 193cm width 125cm x 61cm depth with the mirror in the centre


Our mirrors are crafted like works of art, with top-notch materials that guarantee a long and happy life. We coat them in a durable powder finish that comes in two trendy hues - black or white. And the best part? They're ready to roll right out of the delivery van - no assembly needed! So, you can bask in your reflection without any worries about future malfunctions.


Ballet Barre Attachements availble at £125.00 each

Choice of Black or White 


Dancers, get ready to strike a pose! With portable dance mirrors, you can give yourself a quick glance and adjust your moves in a jiffy. These nifty tools give you instant feedback on your posture, alignment, and shape, making it easy to correct your every move. It's no secret that visual training aids can transform your dance game, and these mirrors are no exception!


Did you know? A whopping 65% of humans are visual learners, meaning they absorb knowledge best through seeing things. And here's a stunner: A brain-boggling 90% of information that zips to our minds is visual! It's no surprise that adding visual aids to training areas can crank up learning by 400%.


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